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Visitor Testimonials

Here are some unsolicitated testimonials from previous guests of Logan's Run, your premier Muskegon River destination. We hope to add yours along with some great pictures to share as well.

Very nice accomodations, would and have already recommended to others.  Location is great.  Great spot on the river.  Quiet and peaceful yet close to town.  Fishing is excellent in October.  We hope to come back next year. 

Tim B. – Fort Wayne, IN

I am definitely coming back.  I am thinking of coming up for some winter Steelhead in February.  I will talk to you soon!  Thank you. 

Jack Z.  – Streamwood, IL

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We enjoyed sitting by the river and window shopping in the quaint town.  The best part was arriving and the feeling of freedom from worries and responsibilities.  Peace!  Thank you so much for a wonderful stay! 

The Powell’s – Kentwood, MI

This is a perfect relaxing place and we will be back more.  Such a great place to stay – and enjoyed every minute of it!  We loved it!  Thank you! 

Gary – Byron Center, MI 

Everything we did was awesome and the fun isn’t over.  Thanks for having us up – it has been a blast! 

Ben & Katie S.  Burnips, MI 

Our favorite was just relaxing in your great place.  Had an EXCELLENT time…We’ll be back! 

Grand Rapids, MI 

Fished, fished, fished, caught, fished, fished, caught, caught, and then we slept.  Then fished, caught, caught, caught.  Had a few celebratory drinks, slept, went home.  Great time, great cabin (neat, clean, well kept)  Great view.  Thanks!!! 

Dave and Mike - Greenwood, IN 

Very, very relaxing.  Wonderful atmosphere.  You can hear the river flowing. 

California & Chicago 

We’ll be back!  Loved it! 

Shereda family – Grand Rapids, MI 

Fabulous time – we’ll be back!!! 

Grand Rapids & Muskegon, MI 

Landed one salmon, lost many others.  Enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Can’t wait to come back!!! 

Bruik family – Fremont, IN 

The best part was the fishing!  Hooked 5 Steelhead, landed 4!!  Landed 2 rainbows and 1 brown – all released!  Already reserved for next year. 

Brackens – Maryland 

Brian fell out of the canoe right down by the dock!  Funny stuff!  Rich and Susi caught a nice Brown trout – 15 ˝ inches!  We canoed up stream.  Very nice!  This will be an annual spot from now on!  Thank you Steve!  We had an awesome time!  Very kid friendly. 

Saginaw, MI 

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The highlight of the trip was catching brown and rainbow trout on dry flies in the evening. 

Mark, Steve and Steven – IL and Sacramento, CA 

Kay enjoyed the serenity.  Joe loved foosball and kayaking. We enjoyed watching the activity on the river and just laying low.  We star gazed on our final night here – clear and sparkly! 

Miller family – Hudsonville, MI 

We had fun canoeing, drinking, relaxing and by the bonfire.  The weather was perfect!!!  Stay here and cook it up.  Best food.  Be on the river as much as possible.  We enjoyed passing out on the swing, wrestling in the grass and swimming on the river.   

Grand Rapids, MI 

We lit the wood stove and read some great books, took a drive to Croton, sat by the river, and took a nap.  Thanks so much and we really needed it!  Hope to come again. 

Tim and Cindy – Hudsonville, MI 

The highlight was the 20” rainbow (that got away at the boat) and the large brown Jose landed on first dry fly.  A great time. A great place.  We recommend! 

David and Jose – Champain & Chicago, IL 

We watched the turtles on the rocks, relaxed, played in the sandbox, threw rocks with my son (2 ˝), games -  an endless list of great moments. 

Pam – Jenison, MI 

We enjoyed fishing, campfires, and being with family.  We helped one of the neighbors bring in a 20lb. salmon! 

Slater family – Sandusky, MI 

Caught a 9lb. Steelie – first one!  Great place Steve! 

Sal and Blake – NYC & Chicago  

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We just wanted to thank you again for renting out your cabin to us. We had a wonderful time & will definitely be back soon. The view of the river is just so beautiful & very calming. My two year old son, Logan, (appropriately named for the occasion) had a blast! It was so awesome to see him roast his first marshmallow, have his first fishing pole, see a river etc.  Logan thanks Ty very much too, as he loved playing with the big Lego dump truck all weekend! :) No fish was caught by my husband, but that's ok. Again, thank you to you & yours!

Shea Family